The Bay Canh Lighthouse is located atop a mountain more than 200 metres above sea level on Bay Canh Island. This is an extremely important position, adjacent to international navigation channels. The lighthouse was built and officially put into operation by the French in 1885. Nearly 140 years later, it is still in good working order and is a landmark for those at sea, ensuring that vessels can pass by safely and smoothly.

Inside the lighthouse is a spiral staircase made of steel with 55 steps designed like a beautiful work of art. After climbing three floors, visitors reach the top of the lighthouse and an outside balcony. This is an ideal spot for visitors to enjoy a sunrise in the morning or immerse their souls in a sunset as evening falls.

To reach Bay Canh Lighthouse from the centre of Con Dao district, visitors can take a boat or canoe to the Bay Canh Island Warehouse. From there, it takes about 45 minutes to walk to the top of the mountain, where Bay Canh Lighthouse sits in all its glory.

With its ancient beauty, Bay Canh Lighthouse, which has been “God’s eye in the sea” for more than a century, not only safely guides vessels through the local seas but if well exploited could become a unique and attractive destination./.