A few years to this date, Quan Lan island is known for its tourism potential with pristine natural scenery and long beaches with white sand But not knowing to everyone, the island has a special temple with a deep cultural identity of people living near the sea, that is Quan Lan temple.

People on the island are proud of Quan Lan temple because it is one of the two oldest temples in Quang Ninh province Quan Lan temple is the only place that worships Lý Anh Tông King, who has established trade port Vân Đồn since 1149.

The temple is also a place to worship general Trần Khánh Dư, a hero of the Trần Dynasty, who was the commander on Vân Đồn battlefield. Under his command, Trần Dynasty’s soldiers destroyed 500 ships transporting food for Nguyên Dynasty's invading force. Trương Văn Hồ, the general of Nguyên Dynasty’s force in the battle was also killed.

Quan Lạn temple was built with wood pillars made from Mần Lái trees. This type of tree only grows in Ba Mùn island near Cái Làng port of Vân Đồn Those wood pillars have an average height of more than 5 meters and an average diameter of 0.7 meters.

Visitors are deeply impressed with those huge pillars, which are still standing there after many centuries, without any signs of aging or damage Although the temple was built in the Hậu Lê period, it was under influence of the Lý period’s architecture with complex and delicate decorations.

Quan Lan temple not only has value in cultural and architectural aspects but also a place to hold many special sport and cultural events. For example, the boat racing festival was held here annually, from June 10 to June 20 (Lunar calendar).

The festival was a chance to celebrate the victory of the war against Nguyên-Mông invaders in 1288. It is also a chance to ask the gods for a good harvesting season, for a calm sea with lots of fishes.

On November 20, 2019, The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism announced that the Quan Lạn temple festival was a national intangible treasure./.