Bangkok (VNA) - The export prices of Thai rice have risen to the highest level since June 2022 thanks to an increase in shipments and a stronger Thai baht.

Thailand's 5% broken rice prices were quoted at 452-460 USD per tonne, up from a 425-457 USD range last week, foreign media reported.

There is more demand from Asian countries now, while African countries are more interested in rice from India, according to insiders.

There is news that supply could soon tighten so exporters are buying to stock up, they said.

Top exporter India's 5% broken parboiled variety edged higher to 374-380 USD per tonne, from last week's 373-378 USD, on a slight improvement in demand, although rising supplies from the new season crop capped the upside.

Vietnam's 5% broken rice was offered at 448-453 USD per tonne, unchanged from a week ago, when rates reached their highest level since July last year.

Demand for Vietnamese rice remains steady, especially from the top buyer, the Philippines, said a trader based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Preliminary shipping data showed 167,650 tonnes of rice is to be loaded at Ho Chi Minh City port in the December 1-28 period, with most of it heading to the Philippines and Indonesia./.