Vietnam had export turnover of 94.8 billion USD as of December 25, a record-high and an increase of 35 percent over last year, according to Vietnam Customs.

Meanwhile, import value reached105.2 billion USD, leaving the trade gap standing at nearly 11 percent, the lowest figure since 2002.

Total import-export value reached a record-high of 200 billion USD.

In the last 10 years, the country has seen blazing growth in import and export activities.

Export turnover grew after Vietnam became an official member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in January 2007.

Although the country has been hurt by the global economic crisis this year, total import-export value remained high, standing at 100 billion USD by July 14, and rising in the following months.

In 2007, total import-export value reached 100 billion USD, compared to 31.2 billion USD in 2001.

According to Vietnam Customs, 49 imported and exported products had a value of more than 1 billion USD each.

Five of those exported staples had a total of more than $6 billion in turnover. They were in the textiles and garments, crude oil, telephones and spare parts, footwear and aquatic-product sectors.

Five of the imported products were valued at 6 billion USD. The products were machinery; computers, electronics and spare parts; petrol; materials for the textile and garment industry and footwear industry; and iron and steel for construction. /.