The Thai state economic think-tank affirms that the export industry remains Thailand’s key engine to drive the economy further towards growth.

National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)’s Deputy Secretary-General Porametee Vimolsiri said that exports are still important in driving Thailand ’s economy further.

He suggested that while the implementation of all state measures remains crucial in helping bring the export industry back to normal, it remains to be seen how effective measures will actually benefit the exporters.

He also called on concerned parties to keep an eye on the meeting of all state agencies involved in economic affairs to discuss the impacts of the stronger baht on the Thai economy, scheduled for May 13.

When asked about the NESDB’s 4.5-5.5-percent GDP growth projection for 2013, Porametee said the state economic think-tank will hold a press conference to announce how such an estimate will be achieved after May 20.

Concerning risk factors, the NESDB’s Deputy Secretary-General stated that the local economy will likely be dealing with the recovery of such major economies as the US and the EU, and the fluctuations of foreign exchange rates, which continue to affect the Thai exports.-VNA