Uncle Ho was not only a preeminent politician but also a man of great virtue, says retired diplomat E. P. Glazunov, who had previously been stationed in the former Soviet Union’s embassy in Vietnam.

Glazunov reminisced about President Ho Chi Minh when he visited the Ho Chi Minh Museum during his recent visit to Vietnam.

Minister Counsellor Glazunov, who also acted as an interpreter during meetings between the Soviet Union’s Ambassador X. A. Tovmasian and President Ho Chi Minh, said that people still remember and respect Ho Chi Minh. He went on to say that the President had laid the foundations for the relationship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Soviet Union-Vietnam Friendship Association, now called the Russia-Vietnam Friendship Association.

He not only initiated the relationship between the Soviet Union and the Vietnamese people but established the current relations shown between the two countries, politically, economically and culturally, he added.

With his articles and written works and his attendance at the International Farmers Congress and the 6th and 7 th International Communist Congresses in Russia, Uncle Ho helped the Soviet Union and many other countries worldwide to learn about Vietnam before the August Revolution. This was when Vietnam was not even on the global political map, as it was a French colony.

According to Glazunov, Ho Chi Minh was also a devoted Marxist. He always said he was a student of Lenin as he applied Marxist-Leninist theory to Vietnam’s situation. History also shows that Ho Chi Minh was a brilliant strategist. When Vietnam’s revolution was threatened by Japanese and French troops in 1945, Ho Chi Minh provided the solution.

Glazurov cited a member of the Spanish Communist Party Dorarez Inbarurin, as saying that President Ho Chi Minh is legendary, was a great national patriot and a Marxist-Leninist. Uncle Ho made a huge contribution to national liberation movements worldwide.-VNA