The flooding in several provinces in northern and southern Thailand shows no signs of subsiding so far.

The water levels in rivers remain high and many have burst their banks, resulting in whole residential areas being submerged under water.

The extensive flooding has damaged or destroyed over 1,300 hectares of agricultural land in the northern province of Sukhothai. Forty families were forced to move to temporary local authority camps.

In some southern provinces, the water in many rivers is still at danger levels high even though the rain has stopped.

The Tapee River in Surat Thani province measured 6.3 metres deep, 0.8 metres higher than normal.

More than 20 households in the southern province of Surat Thani have been evacuated to the local authority’s offices.

Some districts in the province have been declared natural disaster areas and are calling for emergency relief.

In Trang province, six villages have been isolated due to floods.-VNA