Computer viruses will continue to thrive in Vietnam this year as internet-users ignore the consequences of installing fake software online, the Bach Khoa Anti-virus centre said in their "2010 Virus Review".

The review said there was a significant increase in fake anti-virus programmes; viruses that targeted databases; hacking into company networks; and mobile phone viruses last year with more to come in 2011.

The review warned of about 60 million computers in Vietnam that are infected with nearly 60,000 different viruses.

The persistent W32.Conficker and Metamorphic viruses were still on the top of the list of usual suspects.

2010 was a boom year for fake anti-virus software with 2.2 million downloads from websites offering the free anti-virus ware, 8.5 times higher than the year before.

The review said a new virus type poses as a file in the user's documents using an icon. This virus type infected 1.4 million computers last year.

Viruses that destroy data had appeared twice in 2010. Though they didn't cause serious damage they could be a bigger threat in future.

Virus attacks on networks caused public alarm as important websites were targeted.

BKAV experts have also discovered hacker groups that used viruses to steal information from Vietnamese organisations' networks./.