A ceremony was held on July 27 in the southern province of Binh Phuoc to rebury the remains of 97 fallen Vietnamese volunteer soldiers killed during the war in Cambodia.

Attending the ceremony were leaders from the Policy Department under the Ministry of National Defence, the Political Department of Military Zone 7 and delegations from the two Cambodian provinces, Kratie and Kompong Thom.

The remains were found in Kratie and Kompong Thom provinces of Cambodia by search team K72 of Binh Phuoc Military Command and team K70 of the Military Zone 7 Command.

The search teams K72 and K70 have to date found and reburied 2,267 sets of remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers who died in Cambodia and in Binh Phuoc province.

In recent years, the southern province has mobilised the strength of the whole community to fulfill payment of the debt of gratitude to those who made great contributions to the country. It has built more than 1,480 houses worth over 27 billion VND, repaired 350 others, offered 751 savings books and gave gifts to war invalids and families of fallen soldiers.-VNA