A programme was held at the Dong Loc T-junction monument site in Can Loc district of central Ha Tinh province on July 24 to commemorate the ten female youth volunteers who lost their lives for the historical Dong Loc T-junction victory 46 years ago.

During the war, Dong Loc intersection was the most important site on the legendary Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh trail where trucks carrying soldiers, food, arms and munitions from the north to battlefields in the south passed through.

In 1968, while levelling bomb craters, the ten girls were buried alive by bombs dropped by US forces. Their sacrifice remains immortal and becomes a symbol of the Vietnamese heroism.

The historic site also witnessed the death of thousands of soldiers, volunteers, traffic workers, drivers and innocent civilians.

Named “Dong Loc – the Immortal Intersection”, the event was comprised of art performances showing the gratitude of today’s generations to heroes and martyrs who shed their blood for the country.

On this occasion, Ha Tinh province also received a certificate recognising the Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh trail as a special national relic site.-VNA