Globally-famed and promising foreign and Vietnamese designers are showing their latest collections at the Vietnam International Fashion Week, the first of its kind, in Ho Chi Minh City from December 1-6.

On a catwalk are brands renowned for their cutting edge, avant-garde and progressive creations, namely AltaRoma (Italy), On Aura Tout Vu (France), Thanh Nga Defined Moment (France), Atelier Chardon Savard (France), Issue (Thailand), Frederick Lee (Singapore), Tsolo Munkh (Mongolia), Somarta (Japan) and Song Zio (Korea menswear designer).

Representing Vietnam, in addition to Nguyen Cong Tri who opened the first show, will be talented designers, including Adrian Anh Tuan, Chung Thanh Phong, Hoang Hai, Hoang Minh Ha, Le Thanh Hoa, Vo Thi Li Lam and Ly Giam Tien.

“The presence of so many international designers alongside those from Vietnam is particularly exciting, it is also an excellent opportunity to encourage and recognise designers who are not afraid to be experimental in their creations, to push their own boundaries amongst other talent avant-garde designers,” said ACF Founding President and Chairman of FIDE Fashion Weeks, Dr. Frank Cintamani.

The week is co-organised by the FIDE Fashion Weeks, Multimedia Jsc and the Asian Couture Federation.-VNA