Violin virtuoso Sarah Chang will return to Vietnam on April 12 to perform with local musicians.

Chang will perform Vivaldi's The Four Seasons which she has performed many times before.

"This is a very special piece which inspires me whenever I perform it. This time I'll be able to share the experience with Vietnamese musicians," she said at a press conference held in Hanoi on April 10.

"I chose this piece for the performance in Hanoi because it is one of the most popular classical works. It is not too long but it is very technical," she said.

Her recording of the piece in 2007 attracted international acclaim, with BBC Music Magazine stating: "She has never made a finer recording."

Chang will be joined by 19 musicians from the Vietnam National Academy of Music, and she has been impressed by her colleagues in practice.

"They are very talented musicians. It is a very hard piece but they are so enthusiastic," said Chang.

Chang is recognised as one of the world's great violinists. She started to study the violin with her father at the age of four. Since her debut with the New York Philharmonic at the age of eight, she has performed with the greatest orchestras and conductors.

Performing in the Hennessy Concert Series for the second time is exceptional because Chang has never repeated performances at the same event. "The main reason is that I wanted to come back to Vietnam - a beautiful and friendly country. I love the buildings in Hanoi City and I love the food here," Chang said.

Chang recalls her last performance in the Hennessy Concert in 2010 when it rained heavily. She was afraid that people would not come to see the show due to the bad weather, but she was really moved when she saw the packed theatre and expressed her desire to the concert organisers to come back.

The Hennessy Concert Series has been held in Vietnam since 1996. Each year the series has produced sophisticated and diverse programmes showcasing the most sought-after artists of modern time.

The concert will kick off at 8pm at Hanoi Opera House. The concert will be broadcast live on a large screen outside the theatre.-VNA