Famous pho chefs amaze guests at gala night hinh anh 1Ambassador of The State of Palestine, Saadi Salama (left) seen together with 'Day of Pho" Ambassador Miss Diem Huong (second left) at the gala night 'The Story of Pho' (Source: VNA) 

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - Dozens of ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions and international organisations in Hanoi gathered to enjoy pho (Vietnamese traditional noodle soup) during a gala night held in the city on December 10 to honour this ‘quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine’.

Organised by Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the event, entitled 'Story of Pho', aimed to promote the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine, with pho the hallmark dish.

Ambassador of The State of Palestine, Saadi Salama, said the Vietnamese dish has become part of his life since he arrived in the country more than 10 years ago.

“Like Vietnamese people, I have pho quite often. I have a favourite chicken pho shop in Ngu Xa (street) where I’ve visited almost every week,” the diplomat said.

The gala night 'Story of Pho' brings some of the most famous Vietnamese pho chefs, along with their interesting stories behind the formation and value of pho in Vietnam’s cuisine.

The event gathered some of the most famous Vietnamese pho chefs, along with their interesting stories behind the formation and value of pho in Vietnam’s cuisine.

During the gala night, culinary artisan Pham Thi Anh Tuyet cooked pho from a 100-litre ceramic pot especially made by leading Vietnamese ceramics and porcelain wares manufacturer Minh Long.

Alongside her original Hanoian recipe, the artisan also presented pho with stewed beef and wine.

Diners also were curious about her Muslim pho using halal chicken.

Third Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy Yully Yudhantari Saputri has sampled both the stewed beef and Muslim pho.

“I preferred the stewed beef noodles because it is different than any other pho that I’ve tried before. This is the first time I’ve tasted the stewed beef pho,” she said.

The diplomat said she first tried pho in her home country as there are restaurants offering the dish in Jakarta.

“However, it's quite different between having pho abroad and tasting it right here in its homeland,” she said.

For Chinese guest Beck Jiang, he wished he could have enough room to try all the pho on the menu.

“So far, I’ve tried only two which I like both. I will have a break before continuing my pho discovery,” he said.

The 'Story of Pho' also featured famous phở brands from the north and south, including Pho Thin Bo Ho that was established in 1955 and is famous for its clear broth and delicious taste.

Pho Sam Ngoc Linh (Ngoc Linh Gingseng Noodle), another brand that was established by a chef in the north recently, features ginseng for its broth to be more nutritious and has won the hearts of diners from the south. Pairing flavour with beauty, Pho Bat Da Long Bien in Hanoi treats diners with noodles in bowls made of stone.

Other brands serving visitors at the gala night included Pho Hoa Hoi Vang (Golden Star Anise Noodle), Pho Ngoc Vuong and Pho Acecook.

Several interesting activities during the gala night were showcased to guests, including stories of pho, which have been part of Vietnamese culinary culture for hundreds of years, were depicted through sand painting by artist Duc Tri.

The 'Story of Pho' is an activity of the 'Day of Pho, an initiative by Tuoi Tre that was held for the first time in 2017 in HCM City.

Alongside the gala night at the Melia Hanoi Hotel, a grand gala day for the public is set to take place at Aeon Mall in Had Dong district on December 12, and a cooking programme will be organised for children in remote areas in Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province on December 20.

At the grand gala day, the organisers will announce the top 10 best pho brands voted by Tuoi Tre readers and the top 10 prizes for the best professional and amateur pho cooks. In addition, winners of the writing and photography contests with the theme ‘Pho in Me’ will also be revealed./.