The southernmost province of Ca Mau on February 14 held a ceremony to commemorate the nation’s two most well-known physicians, Tue Tinh and Hai Thuong Lan Ong.

The event offered a chance for local physicians to remember the great contributions made by the duo to founding and developing Vietnam’s traditional medicine.

Tue Tinh (14 th century) is considered the saint of Vietnamese herbs and the progenitor of Vietnamese traditional medicine. He wrote many famous books including ‘The Miracle Vietnamese Pharmacy’ and ‘Great Morality in the Art of Medicine’.

Following Tue Tinh, Le Huu Trac (1720-1791) - a colourful character who nicknamed himself ‘Hai Thuong Lan Ong’ (lazy old man in Hai Thuong) - wrote a 66-volume encyclopedia of Vietnamese traditional medicine titled “Medical origins with morality and skill.”

He dedicated his life to documenting and passing on the precious heritage of Vietnamese traditional medicine. He also set a fine example for medical ethics and is considered the most famous physician in Vietnam’s history.

On the occasion of 250th anniversary of his birthday in 1970, UNESCO recognised him as a world cultural celebrity for his contribution to both Vietnamese and world medicine.-VNA