WCF National Cat show in Vietnam is the first cat show ever hosted in the country. Sponsored by World Cat Federation – the world’s largest federation for cats, this show featured a dozen different cat breeds, including Persian, Exotic British Short hair, Scottish Fold, Maine- Coon...

Around 50 finest felines from Northern Vietnam gathered for the show, attracted thousands of cat lovers and animal enthusiasts. Over the course of a day, judges poked and prodded the animals, felt their fur, stroked their tails, looked at their teeth and tested their agility.

Many prizes were awarded in different categories at the show; the best ones were chosen to compete for the winning general position.

WCF National Cat Show is a great chance for pet owners to practice and gain experience before competing in international shows. The event is also a chance to raise awareness among people in a country where cats are still served as foods and stray cats being mistreated./.