Rural farmers should have their awareness of climate change and necessary measures to mitigate its impact raised, heard a conference in Hanoi on April 8.

Director of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Vietnam Nguyen Anh Thinh highlighted the issue as a mutual concern of many countries, including Vietnam and Laos.

Rather than being proactive, the matter is forcing the community to be reactive to the circumstances, which has posed a lot of challenges to the Government and local authorities, Thinh added.

Lao representative Phoutthavy Vorachit said the South Asia: Regional Environmental Adaptation to Climate Change Training and Implementation (SEA: REACTi) project has been piloted in Mok Mai, Xiang Khouang province, as climate change can reduce the output of farm produce.

Experts agreed that agricultural models that can adapt to the issue should be built, while localities should closely connect with the national programme on mitigating risks of natural calamities.

Children, especially those in poor rural areas, are important participants in the field, and called on the Government, local authorities, foreign organisations and private businesses to work together to support locals in the response to climate change, they said.-VNA