President Nguyen Minh Triet requested the Presidium of the Fatherland Front Central Committee to speed up activities aimed at consolidating national solidarity and unity, asking for an active voice in Party building work and legislation, and a reflection of voters' opinions and petitions at a meeting yesterday in the capital.

The President made the request at Jan.6 meeting to summarise the implementation of the co-ordination between the State President and the Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee in 2010, and to set key tasks in 2011.

Triet said the strength of the nation lies within national solidarity that contributes to successfully implementing socio-economic development tasks, alleviating poverty and maintaining political security and social order.

At the meeting, he also highly appreciated the coordination between the Presidium of the VFF Central Committee and its member organisations with the President and Vice President in State diplomacy and people-to-people diplomacy activities to strengthen international and national solidarity and unity, promote patriotism and implement socio-economic development.

The President attentively listened to straightforward and profound opinions raised at the meeting, concentrating on the country's shortcomings such as unstable economic growth and substandard living conditions, especially for those living in mountainous and remote areas, as well as the improper renumeration policy for scientists and artists.

Regarding key co-ordination tasks for this year, Triet asked the presidium to focus on consolidating national solidarity and unity, promoting patriotism and speeding up Party building work while promoting the building of a socialist law-governed State./.