The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDC) is collecting comments provided by businesses and customs officials on its three draft circulars guiding the implementation of the Law on Customs.

The draft circulars regulate customs procedures, customs inspections and oversight, and export-import duties, as well as the management of duties for exported and imported goods, commodities produced for international firms and raw materials imported for the production of export products.

They provide guidance for exported and imported goods of processing enterprises and those in non-tariff zones.

GDC Deputy General Director Vu Ngoc Anh said the draft documents will facilitate the implementation of international trade commitments and ensure Vietnam’s customs regulations are in line with its international agreements.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of GDC’s Management and Oversight Division Au Anh Tuan highlighted the role of the circulars in customs management and export-import, with a particular focus on simplifying administrative procedures and changing the operations of export processing and non-tariff zones and the outsourcing for export.

The circulars are expected to be issued in November this year and will enter into force on January 1, 2015 to guide the implementation of the regulations stipulated by the 2014 Law on Customs.-VNA