As many as 1,000 artists from Cambodia, Laos , Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) gathered at a festival from August 12-18 in Vietnam’s Quang Tri central province to consolidate the solidarity between the countries.

The Quang Tri province’s culture palace was always filled to capacity during the performances of the 17 participating arts troupes, whose dances and songs reflect the beauty of landscape and people in their respective countries, as well as the achievements of the ASE AN member countries over the past years.

They also sang the praise of the friendship between the four countries.

The festival offered a chance for the regional artists to meet and exchange experience in artistic activities, thus promoting the friendship and solidarity among ASEAN members in the field of culture.

The organizing board presented 30 gold and 36 silver medals to the best performances.

Earlier, the troupes made a performance tour in the local districts, towns and ethnic minority areas.-VNA