The crème de la crème of traditional culture of ethnic minority groups as well as Spring’s unique features from every corner of the country will be gathered together in an festival in Hanoi.

The annual springtime festival, this year entitled “Colours of Spring from every corner of the country”, will take place at the Culture Tourism Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups from February 7-11.

More than 140 people, who are exemplary heads of the villages and hamlets, intellectuals, artisans from the Mong, Thai, Dao, Tay, Nung, and Muong ethnic minority groups, 100 representatives for Vietnamese overseas along with 3,000 students from schools in Hanoi will join the festival.

The festival is considered as an occasion for ethnic minority groups to meet and exchange cultural values and daily life activities as well as honouring the traditional culture of all ethnic minority groups in Vietnam.

It will focus on meetings and entertaining activities for ethnic minority groups and Vietnamese overseas at the village; re-enacting some typical traditional Tet-welcoming customs and performing folk songs, dances, games and dishes of Tet days.

Traditional craft villages will also be introduced at the festival besides local specialties. And last but not least, a meaningful event named “Wrapping green sticky rice, enjoying Tet with the poor,” will be held during the festival.-VNA