An annual festival featuring the Khen (panpipe) of the H’mong tribe will be held on August 30 and 31 at Dong Van ancient town in the Dong Van stone plateau, the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang.

Vice Chairwoman of Dong Van district People’s Committee and head of the festival organising board Ly Trung Kien said the festival aims at preserving and promoting the unique traditional culture of local ethnic minorities as well as attracting more tourists to the site.

Khen’s artists from 19 communes and townships in Dong Van district and nearby areas are going to take part in this year’s event, which gives them a venue to show their music and dancing skills.

Notably, a street show with participants from all walks of life will be held for the first time with the participation of hundreds of local amateur artists and people.

Joining the festival, tourists will not only have a great time immersing themselves in such a colourful cultural space while watching several traditional performances but also get the chance to enjoy many special and unique foods from local cuisine.

Located in the heart of Dong Van Karst Plateau, which has been recognised as part of the Global Geo-park network in 2010, Dong Van old quarter still keeps intact contours with impressive ancient architect.

The Khen is a wind instrument made of small bamboo tubes with the number ranging from six to 12 or 14, which are arranged close together with one end connected to a wooden sound box. It is very popular with various ethnic groups in Vietnam , such as the Thai, the Muong and the H'Mong.-VNA