Film industry – door to promote tourism

With impressive natural landscapes and a rich and diverse culture, Vietnam has abundant potential to promote tourism through the film industry. However, weak collaboration between film and tourism industries in Vietnam is hindering the country to promote its destinations.

The film industry has made significant contributions to promoting tourist spots, the cultural values of localities, and the heritage of Vietnam to the public, helping to attract more tourists and boost local socio-economic development.

Many places across Vietnam that were chosen as filming locations have become magnets to tourists.

For example, Sao Ha village recently has become a magnetic spot for visitors to Ha Giang province after the release of two Vietnamese horror TV series and movies, ‘Hellbound Village’ and ‘The Soul Reaper’.

Given the situation, in 2023, the Vietnam Film Development Promotion Association officially announced the Production Attraction Index, intending to evaluate the interest of provinces and cities in welcoming film crews, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of each locality.

Soon after index was announced, ten localities registered, including Phu Yen Province, where tourism development has been given a boost thanks to cinematographic works in recent years./.