The historical Vietnamese movie Khat Vong Thang Long (Thang Long Aspiration) will go through to the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars next year.

Directed by Luu Trong Ninh and based on the script of Charlie Nguyen, the 110-minute Khat Vong Thang Long is about the childhood of Ly Cong Uan (974-1028) who became King Ly Thai To, the first king of the Ly dynasty.

The film beat two other nominees, Canh Dong Bat Tan (Floating Lives) by director Nguyen Phan Quang Binh and Long Thanh Cam Gia Ca (The Song about a Musician in Thang Long Citadel) by Dao Ba Son.

The three movies are the only eligible nominees by Vietnamese directors to meet requirements for foreign films competing at the Oscars, including having good technical qualities set by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

"I was not surprised at the news but I was happy that my brainchild has been admitted," said director Ninh. "However, I don't think the film will get a prize. The most important thing is the film will reach a wider audience."

Ninh said it is also important that two of the three nominees [Floating Lives and Thang Long Aspiration] are made by private film companies.

"This means the judging panel had an objective and respectful look at products by private film makers which will encourage investment in this risky art."

Le Minh Tam, director of Ky Nguyen Sang Company, which produced Thang Long Aspiration, revealed the film will also be screened at five universities and to Vietnamese communities in the US .

In 2006, Mua Len Trau (The Buffalo Boy) by director Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh was the first Vietnamese candidate at the Oscars. Then followed Chuyen Cua Pao (Pao's Story) by Ngo Quang Hai, Ao Lua Ha Dong (Ha Dong Silk Dress) by Luu Huynh and Dung Dot (Don't Burn) by Dang Nhat Minh.

The Oscars 2012 award ceremony will take place at the Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles , on February 26. The list of nominees will be announced in January./.