Film project on Queen Mother Duong Van Nga launched hinh anh 1Poster for Quynh Hoa Nhat Da (Queen of the Night), a production by director Ly Minh Thang, will be distributed by CJ Entertainment Vietnam next year. (Photo courtesy of the producer)

HCM City (VNS/VNA) - A film project on Queen Mother Duong Van Nga, the first queen in Vietnam who was married to the emperors of the Dinh and Le dynasties, has been launched in HCM City. 

The fantasy film, Quynh Hoa Nhat Da (Queen of the Night), will feature the life of Nga, who served as Queen Regent of the Dinh dynasty after her husband, Dinh Tien Hoang, was assassinated in 979 and when her son was six years old. 

Nga decided to cede the Dinh dynasty’s throne to General Le Hoan in 980 in order to defend the country before the invasion of members of the Chinese Song dynasty. 

General Hoan led his army to win the Song invaders in 981. He later became the first emperor of the Early Le dynasty, named Le Dai Hanh. He married and gave Nga the title of empress Dai Thang Minh. 

Nga died in 1000.
Today, Nga and Emperor Le Dai Hanh are worshipped in the Temple of Le Dai Hang in Hoa Lư Ancient Capital, now Hoa Lu district in Ninh Binh province. The temple is located next to the tomb of Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang, Nga’s first husband. 

In Quynh Hoa Nhat Da, Nga’s love and royal family secrets will be featured. 

Patriotism and devotion will also be highlighted.  

The film’s first look trailer on YouTube has attracted more than 14,542 views after only five days of its release. 

“Nga’s life has received mixed opinions from people of different generations. She is an endless source of passion for many authors and artists, and appears in many movies, paintings, novels and plays of cheo (traditional opera) and cai luong (reformed opera),” said the film’s producer Thanh Hang, in a recent interview with local media after launching her film project in HCM City.  

“I have spent a lot of money on production. I hope my work will be of high quality and bring a fresh wind to moviegoers,” she said.  

To guarantee a box-office hit, Hang invited  director Ly Minh Thang to join her filming staff. 

She also used talented fashion designer Thuy Nguyen, founder of the Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, a cultural centre aimed young artists in different fields in HCM City, as the film’s costume designer.

Hang, also a fashion model and film actress, joined the cast and was chosen to play Nga.  

“I will face challenges to reach a higher height in my career,” said Hang, who began her career as a model in 2003 and has performed in many TV shows and films.

She played lead roles in blockbusters such as Tuyet Nhiet Doi (Tropical Snow) released in 2006, Nu Hon Than Chet (The Kiss from Death) in 2008, My Nhan Ke (Beauty Trap) in 2013, and Me Chong (Mother-in-Law) in 2017. 

Casting will close later this month. Filming will begin in December./.