Vietnam Television (VTV) and HCM City Television (HTV) will broadcast a series of films including documentaries this week to celebrate the country's National Day that falls on Friday.

The films will highlight sacrifices made by citizens and soldiers in the nation's wars against the French and the Americans.

A series of documentaries on the late President Ho Chi Minh, his life and career will also be screened.

Among the films are well-known ones like Tet Doc Lap (Independent Holiday), Ngay Lich Su (Historical Day) and Quoc Ky Vietnam ( Vietnam 's National Flag).

Produced by the VTV's Studio of Documentaries and Reports, Nguyen Quoc Khanh's Tet Doc Lap captures the emotions and passions of the Vietnamese people on the country's National Day.

It will be aired at 9:30am tomorrow on VTV's Channel 1.

Russian director Vladimir Echourine's Ngay Lich Su depicts Hanoi and its people during the first days of 1955.

The film focuses on President Ho who made the famous speech to the nation at Ba Dinh Square on January 1, 1955 after the nine-year resistance against the French re-invasion.

The Hanoi Radio and Television has bought the copyright to use Ngay Lich Su from its partner, Russian State Film and Photo Archive Institute.

The film will air at 6:30pm on Saturday on VTV2.

Pham To Hoang's Quoc Ky Vietnam tells the history of Vietnam 's national flag.

Produced by the HTV's Film Studios (TFS), the three-part documentary portrays soldiers, war veterans and heroes who have dedicated their lives to the cause of national freedom and development.

It will be shown at 4:30pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on VTV1.

Nguoi La Niem Tin Tat Thang (Uncle Ho – A Belief in Victory) a TFS production, will also be screend. Directed by Co Truong Sinh, the four-part documentary reviews the life and work of President Ho through music.

The work features famous songs about President Ho performed by talented artists.

Yet another film tells about the life of General Phan Van Xoan, former head of internal protection services for the Ministry of Interior and chief bodyguard for President Ho for more than 10 years.
The films will be screenings every morning at 7.25am from September 5 to 8 on HTV9./.