The Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 kicked off in the central city on April 28, drawing five teams from Australia, Poland, the US, South Africa and Vietnam.

Themed “Da Nang - Symphony of Colours”, the latter three teams performed on the opening night.

The South African team, Fireworks for Africa, were behind the spectacular opening display at the FIFA World Cup 2010, and they wowed the large Da Nang crowd with a similarly impressive performance named “Africa’s Blue Sky”; representing a journey through the country’s history.

The American team, Pyrotechnics, performed a display titled “Integral Love” while the host team, Da Nang- Vietnam, closed the night with its “Symphony of Colour” performance.

Other festival activities schedule include the release of 50,000 colourful lanterns, a flower boat parade on the Han River and various art performances.

The two day fireworks competition is being broadcasted live on national and international television channels including Star World, BBC World and National Geographic in Asia.

Launched in 2008, Da Nang is the only city in Vietnam to host the annual competition.-VNA