Since early October, local firms in Ho Chi Minh City have been producing batches of exclusive goods for Tet holiday. The rise in production results in an increase in local commodities, rising 30%  in November and signaling a thriving market during Tet.

The market demand is forecast to soar during the lunar new year holiday. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City has spent 19 trillion VND (817 million USD) on commodities and stockpiling for Tet, a rise of 25.8 million USD year-on-year.

On the other hand, local firms know the importance of stablising prices and fighting counterfeit goods.

It its estimated that locals in Ho Chi Minh City will consume 5,000 thousand tonnes of goods during the Tet holiday. In order to ensure market stability, a price stabilization programme worth 7,200 billion VND has been deployed in the City./.