Recruitment of new employees should be done in a transparent manner, with salary ranges advertised clearly for positions, speakers said at a recent meeting in Ho Chi Minh City.

Transparency in recruitment would also enhance the competitiveness of the country in an international business environment, Justin Nguyen, marketing manager of in Vietnam, said.'s survey of 2,000 Vietnamese workers conducted early this month found that 80 per cent of them were not satisfied with their current salary, and 53 percent said their salary was lower than the market average.

Angie SW Phang, general manager of in Vietnam, said that employees often did not have a thorough grasp of the market's salary scales.

Employees would be able to make better decisions about submitting applications, she said, if job adverts showed clear information about salary range.

Such transparency would help upgrade Vietnam's labour market, she said.

She said that information about how many candidates have applied for a job and job descriptions and responsibilities were also important to ensure successful recruitment.

Ninety-nine per cent of job advertisements of the average of 6,000 jobs posted each month on specify a salary range, and 70 percent of employees make references to them when applying for a job, Phang said.-VNA