Illustrative image (Source: VNA)
Dak Nong (VNA) – A search and rescue drill, the first of its kind, took place at Buon Tua Srak hydropower reservoir, the Central Highlands of Dak Nong on November 10, with more than 300 officers and soldiers involved.

The exercise dealt with mock scenario with torrential rain causing water levels at the lake to rise to more than 480m, forcing it to drain water out at a speed of 2,000 cu.m per second, which would threaten the communes of Quang Phu, Dak Nang, Duc Xuyen, Nam N’Dir, Buon Choah and Krong No district.

Upon hearing the news, the provincial steering committee for disaster prevention and control convened an urgent meeting and devised solutions to mitigate losses.

Le Trong Yen, deputy head of the committee, said through the event, participants will review their response capacity and enhance coordination.

The province will fine-tune plans to cope with flooding and provide search and rescue plans that suit each locality and raise public awareness of effective measures to deal with disasters, he added.

Dak Nong is prone to small-scale floods, with Krong No and Cu Jut districts being the hardest hit.-VNA