First group of Vietnamese workers in Algeria land home hinh anh 1The first 13 Vietnamese workers in Algeria arrived in Hanoi (Source: )
Hanoi (VNA) - The first 13 Vietnamese workers in Algeria who wished to return home after a dispute with their Chinese employer arrived in Hanoi-based Noi Bai International Airport on November 17.

The return was made under an agreement signed on November 1 between Simco Song Da, the company that sent the workers to Algeria, and the Chinese employer in Algeria, Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd.

All the workers expressed their wish that Simco Song Da, Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd and other relevant agencies will quickly address contract-related issues to ensure their legitimate rights and interests.

Eighteen workers are scheduled to return home on November 18 and the other 18 on November 20.

Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd said it has completed administrative procedures in Algeria to bring the Vietnamese workers back home as scheduled.

Seven workers who expressed their wish to stay in Algeria will sign a contract appendix with new norms.

To conduct the repatriation, Simco Song Da has to pay 1,700 USD per worker to compensate its Chinese partner. The amount is equal to what each Vietnamese worker has to refund to their employer to end their contract ahead of schedule.

In early October, Vietnamese workers contracted to work for Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd at a construction site in Khenchela province, more than 460 km east of Algiers, called for help after being beaten by their employer.

Under the contract, the workers should be paid based on working days and on a monthly basis. However, when they arrived in Algeria, the Chinese employer wanted to change to piecework payment.

After the Vietnamese workers opposed the change, they were assaulted by the Chinese employer on September 16.

Dau Hoang Anh and Dao Ngoc Cuong, who were injured during the assault, are now in stable health conditions.

Simco Song Da is due to have a working session with the Vietnamese workers who returned home ahead of contract expiry on December 16.-VNA