First group of Vietnamese workers in Algeria to return home hinh anh 1Vietnamese workers in Algeria (Source :VNA)
Algiers (VNA) – The first group of Vietnamese workers in Algeria who wish to return home after a dispute with their Chinese employer in September will fly home on November 15 and the remaining 36 workers will be brought back to Vietnam on November 18 and 20.

The repatriation of the workers is made under an agreement signed on November 1 between Simco Song Da - the company that sent the workers to Algeria, and the Chinese employer in Algeria - Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd. 

In early October, 55 Vietnamese workers contracted to work for Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd in Algeria called for help after being beaten by their employer. 

The work contract says the workers should be paid based on working days and on a monthly basis. However, when they arrived in Algeria, the Chinese employer wanted to switch to piecework payment. 

After the Vietnamese workers objected to the change, they were assaulted by the Chinese employer on September 16. Two workers, Dau Hoang Anh and Dao Ngoc Cuong, were injured during the assault. 

After negotiations, Simco Song Da and Dongyi Jiangsu Co. Ltd reached an agreement that those workers who want to return home must pay 1,700 USD to end their contract ahead of schedule. 

Simco Song Da will pay in advance the compensation amount to the Chinese employer and air tickets to help the returnees. 

Among the 55 workers, 49 want to return to Vietnam, while the remaining want to continue working.-VNA