The Dinh Vu Polyester Fiber Plant, which was invested by the Petrochemical and Textile Fiber Joint Stock Company (PVTEX), has turned out the first batch of polyester synthetic fibre (PSF), which was made in Vietnam for the first time.

The event marked a strategic breakthrough in efforts to increase the local content of Vietnam ’s textile products.

Covering an area of 15 ha in the Dinh Vu Industrial Park in the northern port city of Hai Phong and with a capacity of 175,000 tonnes per year, the plant’s operation will ensure stable supply of about 40 percent of materials needs for Vietnam ’s textile industry, helping save about 400 million USD per year.

In addition, the plant will also help promote the development of the PSF industry, creating regular jobs for almost 700 workers and earn an annual turnover of more than 6 trillion VND for PVTEX.

The same day, PVTEX also started construction of the Phu Bai Fibre Plant with a total investment of 140 billion VND at the Dinh Vu Industrial Park./.