The northern province of Lao Cai saw the first tea area of about 1,000 ha reach VietGAP standards after a safe tea project was carried out in the locality in the 2011-2015 period.

The project, implemented in several local communes of Muong Khuong district such as Lung Vai, Ban Lau, Ban Xen and Thanh Binh, will be the basis for expanding the project across the province.

Presently, Lao Cai has over 4,000 ha of tea bushes, including 1,400 ha and 2,000 ha in Muong Khuong and Bao Thang districts, respectively.

The tea project has involved nearly 2,000 local households that have been trained to look after the tea according to VietGAP standards, as well as increasing farmer’s awareness of environmental protection and public health.

According to the tea growers, production under the VietGAP standard will increase productivity by 5-10 percent, equivalent to 2-2.5 tonnes of tea leaves a hectare per year, as well as increasing the price of tea leaves and raising growers’ incomes.

Furthermore, the VietGAP process also reduces the use of chemical pesticides as all local growers registered to use biological pesticides.-VNA