Nude paintings by Indochinese painters have proved their value on international market. However in Vietnam, this topic is considered as a “sensitive” artistic mode. The recent first-ever nude painting exhibition in Hanoi has opened the knot for this topic.

Nearly 70 nude paintings by 30 artists from various periods were displayed at the Vietnam Fine Arts University.

Themed “endless inspiration”, the paintings featured youthful beauty of Vietnamese women through many different art styles and techniques.

After the success of first ever nude photo exhibition in 2018, it’s the first ever nude painting exhibition being licensed. Artists in Hanoi are looking forward to this exhibition and consider this event as the initial step to make the sensitive subject accessible to the public.

The exhibition has received warm response from the public. The pieces on display at the event are the physical representation of the passion, sweat, and tears the ten featured artists have sacrificed to change public perceptions of the genre./.