Fisheries trade union protests Chinese ships’ attacks on VN's boats hinh anh 1Vietnam's fishing boats (Source:
Hanoi (VNA) - The Vietnam Fisheries Trade Union (VFTU) has vehemently opposed Chinese fishing boats attacking and pillaging Vietnamese fishing boats in Vietnam’s waters.

According to the VFTU’s local chapters nationwide, especially those in the central region, Vietnamese fishing vessels operating in the country’s traditional fishing grounds have recently been attacked and robbed by Chinese ships, said a statement released on January 12 by the VFTU.

These provoking actions, which were conducted in a continuous and systematic fashion, threatened safety of Vietnamese fishermen and cost them huge economic losses, the statement stressed.

These showed the Chinese side’s unwillingness and increased tensions in the East Sea, it added.

The VFTU asked Vietnam’s relevant agencies to take more measures to ensure safety for the fishermen and their assets during operations at sea. The agencies need to coordinate to promptly prevent and handle similar actions targeting the Vietnamese boats.

It also called on the fishermen to continue maintaining operations and providing support to each other while going fishing in the national waters and strictly abide by relevant legal regulations of Vietnam and neighbouring countries.-VNA