In recent days, a large number of local offshore fishing vessels, full of fish and squid, have docked at Tho Quang fishing wharf in the central city of Da Nang after their trips to the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa fishing grounds.

According to the Da Nang Today online, m any local fishermen said that they felt very happy with their bumper catches, and are grateful for the concern and support they have received from everyone in the mainland areas during their trips.

Nguyen Van Bay, a local fisherman, said that he received numerous phone calls from his family and friends whilst his boat was operating near the location where China illegally positioned its drilling rig.

He was urged to be cautious of the possibility of China’s aggressive actions, and to keep calm to avoid confrontations with Chinese ships.

He was also advised that if his boat was chased or rammed by Chinese ships, he should report the incident to those who are fulfilling law enforcement missions at sea, and other local fishing boats operating nearby, for immediate assistance.

Bay said that he and 15 crew members are now busy making preparations for their next trip to the Hoang Sa waters.

The city’s Fishery Association has been actively involved in publicising the ongoing situation in the East Sea amongst the general public.

The authorised Chairman of the Association, Tran Van Linh, strongly affirmed that the more difficulties local fishermen encounter, the more courageous they are. The strong-willed fishermen always keep in their minds that their fishing trips are conducted for the purpose of earning a living to support their families, and to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty over its sea and islands.
On May 15 afternoon, six large-capacity offshore fishing vessels from Hai Chau d istrict left for Hoang Sa fishing grounds.

Many of Da Nang’s fishermen said that their next offshore fishing trips to the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa waters could result in dangerous situations. This is due to China’s illegal placement of the drilling rig, and its aggressive actions in Viet n am’s exclusive economic zone.

However, the fishermen are maintaining their determined spirit to continue fishing activities in the country’s waters despite the current difficulties.-VNA