A border guard is taking notes on reports of five fishermen who were rescued after their boat was chased by foreign boats and sunk. (Source: VNA)

Quang Ngai (VNA) – Five fishermen on the QNg 90479 fishing boat that sank after being chased by Chinese boats arrived in Sa Ky port, the central province of Quang Ngai, on July 13 on the QNg 95001 TS fishing boat of captain Huynh Van Khanh.

The fishermen then came to the Sa Ky border gate station to report on the incident on July 9.

Captain Vo Van Luu of the QNg 90479 said when fishing at the Hoang Sa (Paracel) Islands, his boat was chased by two Chinese boats coded 46102 and 56103. At around 2pm on July 9, the Vietnamese boat crashed into submerged rocks and water began to flow in.

The Chinese boats also drove after the boat of captain Huynh Van Khanh which was fishing nearby.

Only at 6:20 PM that day, when most of the boat had gone under water except for the fore end, the fishermen were rescued by Khanh’s boat.

Captain Khanh said all local fishing boats kept contact with each other at sea, and when Luu’s boat was sunk, his boat immediately rushed to rescue from five nautical miles away.

Later on July 13, the Fishermen Support Fund’s Quang Ngai office presented 40 million VND (1,762 USD) to the owner of the sunk boat and two million VND (88 USD) to each crew member.-VNA