The Supreme People’s Procuracy summed up the five-year implementation of a national target programme on crime prevention and combat during a conference in Hanoi on October 8.

From 2011-2015, the procuracy handled 78 cases of spreading anti-Vietnam propaganda and attempting to topple the people’s administration, 1,192 cases of corruption at banks and enterprises, over 16,900 out of 19,352 cases of economic mismanagement, more than 114,700 cases of social safety and order violation, and 66,105 drug cases.

The sector dealt with 387,800 clues from whistleblowers and investigated 351,080 cases involving 560,000 people and prosecuted 291,234 cases involving 521,488 defendants.

It cancelled 247 decisions on case prosecution and 1,157 others on prosecution of defendants, and requested investigation agencies launch probes on 1,967 cases and 2,313 defendants.

Participants at the event asked for closer collaboration with agencies concerned and improving the quality of handling key cases.

According to them, there should be more specific regulations on the rights and responsibility of the Supreme People’s Procuracy and prosecutors.

The procuracy sector also expected the government to approve the National Target Programme on Crime Prevention and Combat for 2016-2020.-VNA