Back in 2014, the heat of “Flappy Bird” reached the highest level. Almost anyone with a smartphone played this game. The heat was real!

“Flappy Bird” appeared everywhere, from real-life to the Internet,  from home, the streets to the office. Kids and even adults played this game.

Also, a lot of merchandise were created base on this game, so we can imagine the attraction of a Vietnamese game.

Since then, “Flappy Bird” has become a role model so the programmers in Vietnam know how the reach worldwide.

Thanks to “Flappy Bird”, many foreign investors realized the potential of the Vietnamese programmers.

So today, Vietnam has a making-game system that is more professional with a short term goal is to produce another “Flappy Bird”.

Besides, many marketing and advertising campaigns were created to help users worldwide to reach Vietnamese digital products.

We can say that “Flappy Bird” is not just a mobile game, but it contains a Vietnamese dream: To compete worldwide!