The floods in late June caused huge damage to learning facilities in Muong Te district in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau. Many classrooms, school offices and kitchens were flooded and irreparably damaged. Ahead of the the new school year, local authorities are preparing temporary classrooms for students.

Mu Ca Boarding Primary School was hard-hit by recent floods.

In Phin Kho village, all of the school's facilities, including 17 classrooms, office building and accommodation areas, were washed away.

Pupils’ parents and teachers are busy cleaning up and repairing damaged facilities to welcome the new school year. 

According to Muong Te District Education Department, the recent floods damaged 22 classrooms and offices, three kitchens and many other auxiliary works. 

With the efforts of the education sector and local authorities, pupils in Muong Te district are expected to enter the new school year with the best possible conditions.-VNA