Floriculture is a sector the southern province of Dong Thap has focused on under its agriculture restructuring programme. Dong Thap’s floriculture production is mostly in Sa Dec city.  Last year, its production increased by 9.5 percent year-on-year to reach approximately 64.5 million USD.

Sa Dec ornamental plants and flowers are now sold nationwide, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. The locality’s total number of floriculture establishments reached 60 in 2018. They are located mostly in Tan Quy Dong ward. On average, selling 1,000 flower baskets earns these businesses more than 430 USD.

Sa Dec now has more than 90 hectares of ornamental plants and flowers to serve Tet (lunar New Year) festival. As many as 3 million flower baskets are expected to be sold during the festival.

In addition to supplying flowers, Sa Dec flower village annually attracts as many as 300,000 visitors during Tet. /.