Vietnam National Drama Theatre has introduced a new play, which was remade from the traditional play  “Ngheu, So , Oc, Hen” (The Story of the Clam, Oyster, Snail and Mussel). The play has been performed by several troupes, but artists of the National Drama Theatre have brought a modern twist to the play.

Despite being a traditional story, the message of the story of the clam, oyster, snail and mussel still fits with modern life. The play criticises officialdom and deceitfulness in feudal society.

Audiences will find the play familiar as dialogues used throughout the play are commonly used by youngsters, especially on social media. Other art forms are also used such as Cheo, tuong, and Cai Luong, to create the joyful atmosphere of a northern village in old times.

Everything is well blended to make a traditional play a humorous and modern hit./.