Typical Korean specialities served as the kick off the Korea Food Festival in Hanoi on June 25.

During the three-day event, Vietnamese connoisseurs will have chance to sample several popular Korean foods such as kimbap (steamed white rice and various other ingredients, rolled in sheets of dried seaweed) and bibimbap (warm white rice topped with vegetable, chilli paste, a raw or fried egg and sliced beef) free of charge. The food will be prepared by Korean housewives who currently live in Hanoi .

In addition, more than 100 Korean packed food and agro-fishery products will be presented to the event's visitors.

Along with the food, local residents will also have the chance to enjoy performances featuring K-pop and the traditional samulnori – a genre of percussion music consisting of four traditional musical instruments.

They will also learn how to make kimchi or play some Korean traditional games, including the board game yutnori, and jegichagi – which requires the use of people's feet to pass jegi [similar the badminton shuttlecock] to other players, avoiding dropping the object on ground.

Hosted by the Korea Agro-Fisheries&Food Trade Corporation with the sponsorship of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Vietnam , the event aims to introduce and promote Korean cuisine in Vietnam .

The festival takes place at the Big C Thang Long Supermarket on Tran Duy Hung Street.-VNA