Football and security officials from Vietnam, the World Football Federation (FIFA), and Interpol have met in Hanoi to discuss measures and cooperation in the fight against negative phenomena and match-fixing in football.

At the March 20 conference, held for the first time in Vietnam, FIFA security officer Nicholas Raudenski said Vietnamese football is growing in line with the development of the global football, so wrongdoings and match-fixing in Vietnamese football are of big concern to FIFA.

Julie Norris of Interpol's Integrity in Sport unit underscored that wrongdoings and match-fixing is not Vietnam’s own problem, adding that match-fixing has become increasingly complicated, organised and hard to discover in recent years.

No individual or organisation can solve wrongdoings and match-fixing in football themselves and the cooperation of all relevant sides is the only way to bring wrongdoings to light and get rid of them, she said.

Norris hoped Vietnam will continually improve legal framework and laws in order to keep pace with the development of world football.

Meanwhile, the VFF’s general secretary Le Hoai Anh said that the VFF always condemns and shows no tolerance to any wrongdoing and match-fixing.

“We hope relevant agencies will cooperate with us in the fight against wrongdoings and match-fixing,” Anh said.-VNA