Illustrative image (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh has asked for stronger coordination among police, border guard, coast guard and customs forces to effectively fight drug crime in the coming time.

Addressing a teleconference on April 25 in Hanoi to review the implementation of the regulations of coordination among the forces in the work, the Deputy PM requested the sectors to enhance efforts to implement relevant plans, especially strategies and national target programmes set by the Government on fighting drug crime and human trafficking, especially in border areas.

He also urged the forces to pay attention to combating smuggling, counterfeit goods production and trading, and cross-border illegal goods transport.

The units should jointly give consultations to Party Committees and authorities at all levels on building and consolidating the people’s security and the all-people defence, he said, stressing the need to call for the involvement of the people in the work.

They should also join hands in investigating and dealing with legal violations as well as in other activities like legal assistance, administrative management, border protection, and customs operation in border areas and in the sea, he added.

While hailing the cooperation among the forces in recent time, the Deputy PM said he hopes the work will be improved in the coming time.

He also asked the sectors to do well Party building and prevent the regression of political thought, morality and lifestyle; corruption; and connivance in crimes, he said, asking them to give heed to organising training and exchange programmes to boost unity, towards ensuring security and order in the country in general and in border and coastal areas in particular.

The conference heard that the coordination among the forces have been strengthened in recent years, helping bring many drug–related cases to light. Many transnational drug trafficking rings have been detected and razed.

Cooperation with police and security forces of neighbouring Laos, China and Cambodia has been enhanced at all levels, especially with those responsible for fighting drug crime.

Deputy PM Truong Hoa Binh said the Vietnamese competent agencies need to foster coordination with their respective forces of neighbouring and regional countries and those worldwide to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity, and fight crimes, thus ensuring security and order, contributing to the national defence and socio-economic development.

On the occasion, the Police General Department, the Coast Guard High Command, and the General Department of Customs signed an agreement on their coordination in combating drug-related crimes in border areas and border gates as well as at sea.-VNA