Despite financial difficulties and the possibility of losing capital, several foreign artists have set up a theatrical stage on their own to present contemporary English language dramas in Saigon.

Dragonfly Theatre has been set up in Saigon by Jaime Zuniga from Nicaragua , Brian Riedlinger and Aaron Toronto, both from the US . The trio recently launched their second work namely “The last five years”, almost one year after the debut of the first work “The importance of being earnest” last October.

The three artists met accidentally in Sai Gon but shared the desire to build up a theatrical stage in English language for foreigners living and working in Vietnam, said Aaron Toronto.

Meanwhile, Cliff Moustache, the General Director of Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo, and a Vietnamese in the US, Nguyen Nghieu Khai Thu, have the same idea of combining western drama styles with Vietnamese classical theatre. They worked together to stage several pilot projects in 2007, 2008, 2009 and most recently in July, 2012.

The NEWS group of Moustache and Thu will come back to Vietnam to present a new version of Romeo and Juliet in Saigon this September, while the trio of Dragonfly are due to launch “The little prince” in October.-VNA