The Government's prompt, determined measures and its commitments after the disturbances at some localities have reassured foreign businesses in Vietnam, according to the Government news portal (VGP).

Chairwoman of the Council of the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam Liu Mei Teh thanked the Vietnamese Government and appreciated its efforts to stabilise the situation and propose appropriate solutions, which have relieved Taiwanese and Chinese investors’ minds.

She hoped that Taiwanese and Chinese enterprises will be created favourable conditions to overcome consequences and launch long-term operation in Vietnam.

The disturbances erupted during workers’ rallies in protest of China’s illegal placement of its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou – 981 in Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone from early May.

Some extremists incited others to destroy property of foreign firms as well as of the State, businesses and individuals, and acted against law enforcement officials, disrupting social order and business activities.

Thanks to the government’s timely interference, most affected companies have resumed operations and social order and security has been restored.

VGP quoted General Secretary of the Japan Business Association Isao Obayashi as saying the investment environment has been improved year by year, adding that Vietnam is a suitable destination for investment.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Korean Association of Industry and Trade in Ho Chi Minh City Lee Jong Hoe said the case is a chance for foreign and Vietnamese businesses to increase cooperation and production.-VNA