As local Vietnamese people eagerly await the upcoming Tet (or Lunar New Year) festival as a time for family gatherings, many expatriates in the country are also looking forward to experiencing such a major traditional festival of Vietnam.

Pursuing a major in Vietnamese studies for a year, this is the first time Vladimir has experienced Tet holiday in Vietnam.

Most local students share the same feeling of excitement when they get to enjoy the distinctive cultural traits of Tet holiday in Vietnam, such as making chung cake, wrapping spring rolls, and playing folk games. These young expats are also introducing their countries’ special performances to entertain each other with.

Cultural exchanges such as these offer expats a chance to gather together and get the most out of the country they currently live in.

With the Tet celebrations held by Hanoi University this year, expats can enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere in this home away from home during Vietnam’s most treasured time of year. –VNA