Foreign visitors will be allowed to use right-hand-drive cars in Vietnam following a Government decree on the issue to come into force on November 15.

A 30-day limit will be placed on the use of the vehicles which must be passenger cars owned by foreign organisations or individuals with registration plates obtained in foreign countries.

In cases of unforeseen circumstances, drivers can extend their permits by 10 days.

Decree 80/2009/ND-CP requires that the right-hand-drive vehicles have valid certificates of technical safety and environmental protection.

The drivers must be nationals of countries with left-hand traffic regulations and hold specific driving licences and approval documents from the Ministry of Transport.
The Government has set a time limit of five working days to process applications with complete and valid dossiers.
In cases of disapproval, reasons must be given to applicants within three days.

Meanwhile, a transport ministry spokesman said moves are underway to make road signs more convenient for right-hand-drives.
David Wilson, a British tourist, said the regulation would help boost the country’s tourism industry as there are nearly 60 countries in the world which drive on the left./.