In recent years, the demand for travelling abroad among Vietnamese people has increased dramatically. Surveys on Vietnamese tourism trends indicate that foreign travel is becoming more and more popular.

At the 2019 International Tourism & Culture Festival, Hoai Thanh and her friends were extremely excited to get photos of themselves dressed in traditional Japanese Yukata costumes, learn about the paper folding art Origami, write calligraphy and learn about the culture of the Republic of Korea, Thailand and Singapore. Thanh also stated that she is fond of travelling abroad, as she can experience culture, landscapes and food in another country. And Japan is on her list.

In recent years, many Vietnamese tourists have chosen to visit Japan. Representatives of the Japan Tourism Promotion Agency in Vietnam said the number of Vietnamese visitors to the land of the rising sun is increasing sharply. Therefore, many new travel agencies are looking to sell tours to Japan.

Increasing foreign tourism is an inevitable trend as the quality of Vietnamese life has been improved. Compared to domestic travel, foreign tourism is much more attractive, bringing new cultural experience, good services and stable prices.

In 2018, there were about 10 million Vietnamese tourists traveling abroad. The number is expected to certainly continue to increase in the coming years.

Experts say foreign travel brings a lot of experience but is also no less risky, so finding reliable sources and reputable travel agencies is important./.